10th Annual Pride Week in Miami Beach

10th Annual Pride Week in Miami

During the week of April 2nd, Ocean Drive was flooded with Love is Love supporters all over the world. Along the streets between 5th and 15th, messages of love and support flashed on signs being held up high; The multi-colored rainbow flag waved high everywhere you looked and Miami’s LGBTQ community was present and proud, emanating pure joy and comradery.

Many events took place throughout South Beach honoring the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals expressing their love. Z Ocean Hotel was seconds away from all the action and we were proud to be a part of all the celebration.

Pride Week Parade in Miami: Recap

Miami has been considered a national mecca for the LGBT community, with plenty of businesses and events catered to the community specifically. Since 2009, which was the initiation of Miami Pride Week, culture and pride has been celebrated in a warm, welcoming and love centric community. The event has grown larger and larger every year and is now almost 10x bigger than when it first started. Miami Pride Week was started as a neighborhood event with approximately 15,000 people celebrating in 2009 to 135,000 people celebrating this year’s 10th Annual Pride. That makes this year’s Pride Week the largest one yet! Miami began their celebration with a rainbow flag raising ceremony at City Hall and continued until the annual parade on Sunday. The parade is a  well-known consecutive event during Pride Week along Ocean Drive. Before 12 PM, closed streets were being prepared for 35 floats and over 3,000 people were participating. Business and organizations, including LGBT community organizations, supported the ground shaking floats on the streets of Ocean Drive. The parade included activities such as awarding the best entry in the parade with the most creative, artistic approach. The 10th Annual parade took on a global stage experience including celebrities singing out their support to the community. Amazing performers such as Iggy Azalea, Gloria Estefan, and Adam Lambert participated in the 2018 parade.The energy coming from the live music, parties, pageants, fireworks, and of course the parade was electric.

A Hotel Oasis in the Heart of South Beach and Pride Week

Z Ocean Hotel was blocks away from the excitement coming from the streets of Ocean Drive and was host to many Pride Week participators and community members. Z Ocean Hotel offers relaxation just steps away from the action, allowing its guests  to refresh and re-energize before another day of celebration and festivities. As Pride Week continues to grow, we will proudly support and welcome guests from every walk of life who want to attend the events.

Miami Pride Week begins the first week of April 2019, and people are planning ahead! Book a stay at our Miami Beach hotel and not only will you be just minutes away from the popular events taking place during Pride Week, you’ll be able to refresh in some comfortably upscale suites. Call 1.877.688.4232 to make a reservation at our South Beach hotel and get ready for a week full of love!