A Night of Flamenco with the Gipsy Kings

gipsyKingsOne of the great things about music is how it manages to effortlessly transcend language barriers.  Whether or not the lyrics of a song are understood, a talented musician can evoke emotions and command a loyal following even if the listeners have no clue what’s being said.  South Florida is a multicultural hotspot where music from a variety of genres is always being played or performed somewhere.

The Gipsy Kings are one example of musicians that have gained a loyal international following.  Originally from France, the group is known for its flamenco-oriented music that incorporates heavy use of pop, salsa, funk, and more.  Since 1978 the group has earned Grammy awards and is known today for some of their joyous tunes including “Bamboléo”, “Djobi Djoba”, and “Volare”, originally performed by Italian singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno.  Their 1989 self-titled album is one of the few Spanish language albums to spend over 35 weeks on the American charts.  Despite being from France, the members were raised in a Spanish culture and their songs are performed with an Andalusian accent.

If you’ve never seen the Gipsy Kings in concert, two of the original members will be performing at the Seminole Hard Rock on Saturday, April 30th bringing their incredible musicianship and their large catalog of music.  Previous concertgoers have spoken favorably of the band’s continued talent and the lively mood.

Tickets for the Gipsy Kings range from $50 to $70.  If you’re planning on seeing them in concert, the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach provides the perfect beachfront backdrop.  We have 79 inviting suites in our Miami Beach hotel and a large selection of amenities to make your stay a wonderfully relaxing experience. Call 1.877.688.4232 to book a stay at our South Beach hotel and discover why the Gipsy Kings continue to be one of the most talented and respected musicians in the world.