Looking for the Finest of All Green Hotels in South Beach?

We believe that environmental responsibility goes hand-in-hand with luxurious comfort and exceptional guest experience. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is united with our commitment to the pleasure and wellbeing of all our guests.

Z Ocean Hotel South Beach tops the list of eco-friendly hotels in Miami Beach. Conveying refinement in every detail, from our sweeping modern structure to our strong commitment to environmental preservation, Z Ocean Hotel proves that luxury service need not come at the expense of caring for the environment.

Smart Water Practices

The linen reuse program affords guests the opportunity to select how often they would like their towels and linens to be replaced.

Effective low-flow toilets, showers and faucets reduce water consumption throughout the hotel. We regularly audit this system to retain peak performance.

Guest and employee dry-cleaning service uses eco-friendly methods and products.

We use water-efficient laundry machines.

Energy Conservation Programs

Modern digital temperature and energy usage control devices adjust the climate automatically when a suite is unoccupied.

Dimmer switches are used in all areas, including guest suites, to provide the ultimate opportunity to conserve energy while setting the mood.

We use LED lighting, where possible, and compact fluorescent lighting throughout the property.

Floor-to-ceiling, high-impact, soundproof windows effectively maintain room temperature, promote the use of natural light and reduce noise.

All Z Ocean Hotel suites are outfitted with black out curtains to aid in maintaining room temperatures.

Air conditioning systems and laundry equipment are Energy Star rated.

Our cooler (non-refrigerated) mini-bar uses 30% less energy than other models.

Lights are turned off when our meeting rooms is not in use.

Installed computerized water heaters ensures that hot water production does not exceed the daily demand from our kitchen and commercial areas.

Outdoor lighting is sensor-managed and in some cases, rechargeable battery powered.

Waste Reduction

Newspapers and office paper are recycled on property.

Guests are encouraged to help recycle cans, bottles and paper.

Hotel participates in the city’s trash recycling program (glass, paper and wet trash).

Electronic billing options reduce paper consumption.

Glassware and plates provided in guest rooms to minimize paper product usage. You can enjoy your complimentary Nespresso® coffee using fine in room china.

Our executive office recycles ink and toner cartridges or uses a refill method.

The Front Porch Café is diligent about recycling kitchen grease.

Clean Air Practices

All our suites are 100% non-smoking rooms.

Our suites are fragrance free and carpet free.

We use cleaning products that are earth friendly.

High efficiency air filters for HVAC reduce allergens in the air.

We clean all air handler units and coils at regularly and follow a preventative maintenance schedule.

Healthy People, Happy People!

All Z SPA treatments use organic and eco friendly product lines that are healthier for our guests and therapists.

Company-wide Green Team Organization involves every team member in Z Ocean Hotel’s Green Initiatives. We challenge our team to find innovative ways to work and think greener.