Art Basel Events at Z Ocean Hotel South Beach

@sohodh (1)Art Basel kicks off in just two days and is set to bring a worldwide array of artists to Miami Beach.  Its ever-growing popularity has elevated its status as one of the most important art-related events in South Florida and each year it draws more and more people looking to admire and enrich themselves with the art culture.  At the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach, we are huge Art Basel enthusiasts and we are proud to host a pair of events.

We are launching Art Basel week today, December 2nd, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition by the talented artist, Victoria Sheridan.  Sheridan’s work has been featured extensively in galleries, museums, publications and newspapers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and she continues to teach the History of Photography at Dominican University in California.  Attendees can sample the Front Porch Café’s delectable hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails while admiring the artwork from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Beginning on December 3rd through the 6th, our Miami Beach hotel will host the art rugs by Soho Design House, a boutique art rug brand based in Los Angeles, California.  A fusion of contemporary art and high-end design, these limited edition rugs by world-renowned artists like Tristan Eaton, Fernando Chamarelli, and Katsuya Sugimoto are meticulously hand-knotted, honoring the culture of the artist.

These two events are part of the much larger Art Basel experience and we look forward to having you stay at our South Beach hotel during the festivities and various exhibitions.  Call 1.877.688.4232 to book one of the 79 suites today.