Have Some Fun with Our “Z Frame”

zFrameWhen is the last time you stayed at the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach?  If you’ve stayed or plan on staying, we’ve got a fun way to remember your experience. Our Instagram frame, or “Z Frame” has become a major guest highlight and a great way to share what your experience has been like with others. Whether you’re planning on staying in one of our 79 suites, attending one of the Miami Beach events, grabbing a meal at the nearby Front Porch Cafe, or just want to take some fun pictures with your friends and family, make sure to drop by our lobby!

The Z Frame is the perfect way to capture your South Beach memories.  During our Art Basel events last year, it proved to be a major highlight with the many attendees. Grab your friends, strike a pose and take a picture with a literal frame where you instantly become the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach’s guest of honor. We encourage you to participate and share your “Z Frame” experiences through social media at our Miami Beach hotel, and show others why we’re among the best places to stay whenever they happen to be in the barrier island.

If you’re planning a vacation for this upcoming season, we’ve got plenty of rooms available at our South Beach hotel. Enjoy some food at the Front Porch café, take a picture with the “Z Frame”, and share your Z Ocean Hotel South Beach experience!  Call 1.877.688.4232 to book a stay and make sure to follow us on Instagram: @zoceanhotel. You may become our next featured photo! Photo credit: @themillicunanan.