Why Your Miami Beach Vacation Isn’t Complete Without an In Room Spa Suite


Vacationing on Miami Beach soon? You picked an excellent location. There’s nothing quite like fun in the sun in one of the hottest destinations on the planet (we mean that as in temperature wise and popularity wise.) Our warm, tropical weather, diverse cultures, vibrant nightlife and luxurious venues attracted 15.9 million visitors in 2017, according to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau – and that number will only continue to climb year after year. It’s all about what the city has to offer, but what about what your hotel has to offer? After all, this will be home base and will set the tone for your entire stay. You already know the city will be spectacular, but the must-have element for your room to be just as amazing is the hotel room with an in room spa. Here’s why:

An In Room Spa Suite is a Sign of What’s to Come

If your hotel cares enough to put a jacuzzi IN your hotel suite, that shows just how much they care about the guest experience. It’s a detail not all hotels offer and those that do, like Z Ocean Hotel on South Beach, keep the guest privacy and relaxation in mind with everything they do and offer. You can count on personalized service and hospitality to ensure your stay is the most comfortable, hassle free experience possible.

It’s All About the Romance

What’s more romantic than a hot tub in your room? Once you experience having a hot tub all to yourself + your partner, and NOT having to share it with anyone else, you’ll wonder why there is such a thing as public hot tubs in the first place. The privacy an in room spa suite gives you ability to keep the outside world out and keeps you and your partner locked into each other.

Great Place to Plan Before a Night Out

For bachelorette parties and girls’ trips, what’s better than planning out your night in your private, in-room jacuzzi, surrounded by all your girls, sipping on champagne or rosé. Relax and pre-game in your hot tub, then get ready and hit the strip; There’s Mango’s if you’re looking for drinks, dinner and a show featuring live latin dance with lots of flash and lights. If you’re looking for luxury and opulence, there’s Club Liv and Club Story, for electronic and/or urban dance music, often featuring various well-known live acts and celebrities. For LGBT friendly clubs, Club Twist, Score Nightclub and more are just short walks away from Z Ocean Hotel.

And if it’s girls’ night in, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your suite; order in and relax in your private hot tub, enjoying the company of your best friends and celebrating your engagement, recent achievement, birthday or any other occasion.

…And After a Night Out

After a night of walking and dancing, especially if it’s in heels, there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the warm, bubbling waters of an in room spa to relax your muscles. Escaping the excitement of the night and winding down for bed is so much better after a quick spa session. Located on the room’s private balcony, your view will be illuminated by the beautiful backdrop of a Miami night.

Absolutely everything about the in room spa suite is perfect for a memorable, relaxing, fun vacation on Miami Beach – why settle for anything less?