Tips for a Fun Pride Week

Tips for a Fun Pride WeekWith the Miami Beach Gay Pride festival just a few months away, individuals looking to enjoy the fun, sun, and entertaining events that are always planned for the popular parade, have much to prepare for. The week-long celebration features beach parties, drag shows, blog parties, bachelor auctions, beauty pageants, dance parties, and much more. Below are some tips on how to accomplish the perfect experience at the most anticipated event of the year.

Tip #1: Stay hydrated – Normally this is a given, as Miami is known for the extreme weather, however having fun at the various events and partaking of the exquisite drinks and cocktails that are bound to be offered, one may forget to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important to balance the copious amounts of alcohol that will be consumed, and I battling Miami Beach’s intensive heat.

Tip #2: Financial planning is key –It is obvious that any person visiting Miami and taking part in the events during Gay Pride Week will need to plan not just their travel budget very carefully, but they should also decide how much money to carry with them each day, as some vendors may only accept cash.

Tip #3: Plan ahead – Most of the events are on South Beach, and as almost everyone who has visited the area knows, it’s always best to be prepared for any situation. Unless visitors are staying directly on the beach, it’s a great idea to always have a travel bag in the trunk. Extra clothes, bathing suit, and toothbrush will come in handy for cases of drinking too much, or meeting the perfect hunk.

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