Z Ocean Hotel’s Green Friendly Practices

ecofriendly 2More and more people are beginning to care about the environment, and many luxury hotels are increasingly employing “green friendly” practices to reduce waste and become more environmentally aware and the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach is no exception. Being environmentally conscious is heavily associated with a superb guest experience and optimum comfort, and we remain steadfastly committed towards using eco-friendly practices that enhance the experience and well-being of our guests while doing our part to be kinder to the planet. We are in fact among the upper echelon of environmentally friendly hotels and we continue to be an exceptional example that caring about the environment does not have to come at a sacrifice to comfort and style.

At the Z Ocean Hotel we are spearheading energy conservation programs designed to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of these include using LED lighting where available, dimmer switches in all areas including our 79 suites, Energy Star rated air conditioning systems and blackout curtains designed to maintain room temperature. Our linen reuse program reduces water and energy consumption by offering guests the option to determine how often they would like their linens and towels replaced. We have also made a substantial effort to reduce waste by using recycling wherever possible, and we also allow guests the option of electronic billing, significantly reducing our paper consumption.

Enjoy a luxurious yet environmentally friendly experience by the beach and the city hotspots by staying at the Z Ocean Hotel! Call 877.688.4232 to book your reservation in one of our nine environmentally friendly sun-kissed Spa Suites or visit https://zoceanhotelsouthbeach.com to learn more.